Origin:  Chattanooga, TN
Genres:  Indie Rock, Folk Rock,                       Powerpop,

"'The Fight' is the latest song by Jason Lyles, who harnesses classic alt rock arrangement to craft a song that could easily garner radio play on alternative rock and college stations worldwide...The symphonic breakdown and choral vamping are the icing on this cake, or the shiner on the champ as it were."

- The Pitch Sifter by Soundcorps

"Jason's new song 'The Fight' has a solid message that everyone needs to hear."

- Shane Murphy, Hidden Tracks

"A sweet, sweet sound that is reminiscent  of all the peaceful things in life: a perfect cup of coffee, the summertime sun, maybe the cracking of a campfire.  I'm describing Jason Lyles' voice...If there's a sound that represents security, it can certainly be found in his music."

- Lindsey Clute, The Pulse Magazine

"'The Undersea Acoustic Spree' mixes the catchy ear candy of powerpop with strong lyrical content so there's no sugary crash afterword.  Full of energy and with outgoing over the edge, it's easy to see why Jason Lyles has risen to the front of the pack."

- Dave Weinthal, Enigma Magazine

“'The Undersea Acoustic Spree' is a burst of euphoric folk-pop, the kind of joyously ruminative Americana that feels boundless and without restraint. ...Lyles strikes the perfect balance between reverence and experimentation." 

    - Joshua Pickard, The Southern Sounding

What do you get with Jason's music?  Unflinching, unapologetic positivity.  Not to mention a good time.


Jason Lyles is a singer-songwriter and indie rock recording artist currently booking high-energy, acoustic shows. A favorite on the Chattanooga/north Georgia music scene since 2003, Jason delivers an upbeat, caffeine-charged blend of powerpop, alternative, Americana, and roots rock styles. His shows feature soaring vocals, rhythmic guitar, crafty songwriting, and a knack for breaking out your favorite 80s pop or 90s alt rock cover. Jason is at home on any type of stage – at clubs, pubs, festivals, colleges, and special events such as Nightfall Chattanooga, where he has opened for Howard Jones and The Ruen Brothers.


Jason draws his superhero rock powers from a diverse range of influences, including Matthew Sweet, Nuno Bettencourt, Ian Moore, Better Than Ezra, Jump Little Children, and the Freddy Jones Band. (Since the birth of his daughter in 2013, Jason has also developed a deep appreciation for the self-actualization anthems of various animated princesses.) After performing with various regional bands, Jason released his first solo album, Shades of Grey, in 2003. He followed up with a much anticipated EP, Ethereal, in 2007. In 2009, he combined forces with bassist Jeff Caldwell and drummer Jeff Bridges to record and release Jason Lyles and the Sonic Avatars, lifting Jason’s songs to full band glory in an energetic rock power trio inspired by the sound of Cheap Trick and The Cars.  Back to the solo life, Jason is at home performing acoustic in a variety of venues. Jason has also recently released an acoustic album with Jason Lyles and the Legitimizers, an Americana rock quintet featuring vocals, guitar, cello, mandolin, and percussion.


Jason's music is available on Spotify, and he has been heard on Rock 105, NPR Music 88.1, 95.7 The Ridge, The WAWL, 94.3 The X, Talk 102.3, WETS 89.5, WMTS 88.3, DirectTV's The 101, as well as various internet stations and podcasts.


Contact askjasonl@gmail.com for booking.


"Jason Lyles has provided listeners with an unapologetically joyful sound on 'The Undersea Acoustic Spree.'  Lyles is a percussive guitarist, attacking the instrument to discover melody.  This is pure Americana folk pop the way it should be.  And the songs sound even better live."

           - Sean Phipps, NOOGAtoday

"Jason plays an infectious brand of music that can't be boxed into one genre."

                         - Michael Guerdon, Virgola

"Jason Lyles has a sound that shakes the ground."

- Clifford Brooks, The Southern Collective         Experience

"By far one of the more talented people we've had in the studio in quite a while."

- Randy Smith, Rock 105

“Chattanooga TN's Jason Lyles is more of a rocker than a power popper per se, but there are more than enough hooks and melodies to make Ethereal an enjoyable listen. ”

Steve - AbsolutePowerPop.com

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