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JUST ANNOUNCED! Jason will be performing at Finster Fest located at Howard Finster's Paradise Garden in Summerville, GA! 

Jason is busy in the studio working on his next single "The Light," an epic space rock anthem. BOLO for announcements!

New Cover single "In a Daydream" is out. 

Get it HERE.

The Tandem music video is out. Get it HERE.

Tandem is now available on purple vinyl LP!  Order from the STORE!

Georgia! Kentucky! Ohio! Missouri! Both Carolinas! I'm heading your way...check out the TOUR PAGE.

The new video/single "Gravitate" has dropped!. 

Get it HERE.

The new album "Tandem" is has dropped on streaming.  Listen HERE.

Tandem Album tees are in! Get one HERE!

Check out the interview and performance on Cosmic Creative TV hosted by Jaime Bennett!

Get it HERE!

Album reviews HERE and HERE.

Upcoming Shows:

09/23 - Finster Fest

            Summerville, GA 12pm

09/28 - Feed Co.

            Chattanooga, TN 6:30pm

09/30 - Real Roots Cafe

            Chattanooga, TN 12pm

10/07 - Nick and Norman's*

            Chattanooga, TN  7pm

10/14 - Highland Park Porchfest*

            Chattanooga, TN  6pm

10/20 - Food Truck Friday

            Red Bank, TN  5pm

10/21 - Real Roots Cafe

            Chattanooga, TN 12pm

11/04 - Drowned Valley Brewing

            Cartersville, GA  7pm



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